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There are times when even the print world gets things right.

Bill Watterson – Thousands of queries were submitted and 15 answered as a way to promote “The Complete Calvin and Hobbes” book, slated for Oct. 4 release. The collection includes every comic from 1985 until 1996. Of particular interested was his reply to the viability of Web Comics:

To be honest, I don’t keep up with this. The Internet may well provide a new outlet for cartoonists, but I imagine it’s very hard to stand out from the sea of garbage, attract a large audience, or make money. Newspapers are still the major leagues for comic strips…but I wouldn’t care to bet how long they’ll stay that way.

NYC2123 – It’s a comic but is it a web comic? The first graphic novel, by Brothers Paco and Chad Allen, is a cyberpunk story based in New York City of the future made for PSP. You can just as easily read it online with your browser if you don’t own the gaming system and it’s also covered by the Creative Commons licensed.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund – If you’ve haven’t been stuck in a hole off on a ranch somewhere you’re probably aware just how backwards Georgia is. I live here and I can’t believe the charges that have been brought against Gordon Lee in Rome, GA. This is like a bad joke used as part of a educational cartoon covering freedom of speech. Here we have a store owner who accidentally gave a comic to nine-year old a year after he had even seen it. The comic happened to have nudity in it but to prosecute Mr. Lee is like prosecuting Barnes and Noble for carrying The New Yorker which contains a picture of the David.

Erik Larson – Erik sends out the same challenge web comic artists have been doing for a decade. All you babies out there afraid to take a chance should change or move aside. In the end when historians are looking back they’ll remember us as the innovators and not the thousands of artists producing the same quality work as Macadamian Squirrels.


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