Questionable Content Answers Questions and the Last Day to Order some Swag

I managed to scared up some news for Halloween. It’s not actually scary news though, don’t be afraid. Jeph Jaques, the man behind the popular, indie music comic Questionable Content, was interviewed by Chris Dahlen of In the interview, posted Friday, Jaques talks about the role T-shirts and other merchandise have played in his being able to work full time on his comic. It’s a pretty interesting article that also talks about Jaques feelings toward the strip, his reasons for doing it and even hints at possible future projects. Check it out here. Speaking of webcomic merchandise, Krishna of PC Weenies reminded readers of his site that today is that last day to order mugs from his site. So if you like buying swag to support webcomics, but already have more than enough T-shirts, head on over. Speaking of the last day to order stuff, if you don?t have enough T-shirts, today is also the last day to order Theater Hopper shirts.


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