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Making enough money off webcomics to go it alone seems to be one of those elusive golden apples that very few people can reach. How to get people to come to your site and then throw money at you? There are 8000 webcomics out there and the playing field has quite a few heavy hitters, of course you could try to impress those guys in hopes they will direct traffic your way but that’s even harder then yelling out your window. There’s also Comixpedia and Websnark but you either get lost in the amount of news or there’s not enough time to find out how brilliant you are. Now if you truly are brilliant you have a third option. This third option is to join a collective or more specifically a subscription sight.

A couple years ago a bunch people got together and created Modern Tales which grew into the family of subscription sites which now contain some of the more famous webcomics. There’s your Narbonic, Ballad, and Digger to start you off but thanks to both Joey and T you can be assured that every strip is high quality. So you can always be certain that when you hear of new strips joining the service that all of them are top quality. So be sure to check four new ones in Hivehead, Black Hearts, Joseph James Gilette, and A Gathering of Crows.


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