New Style For ‘Scary’

John Allison, the man behind, Scary Go Round, has made a huge change in his art style. Until a while ago all “Scary” strips were created with Illustrator but today he announced that he will be sticking to the new, more traditional style he began using in recent strips.

The following if from the announcement on the Scary Go Round site: I’ve decided not to go back to the Illustrator-drawn comics for the foreseeable future. Hand drawing has opened up all sorts of new areas to me. It’s nice to be able to fill up panels with actual passers-by without having to painstakingly draw every face on the computer.

This is a great example to the freedom afforded to online cartoonist, to allow their strips to grow, change and evolve. Something you rarely see in traditional comics. Also the new style looks great (as did the previous), you should really check it out.

In completely unrelated news, yesterday Greg Dean announced that his comic, Real Life Comics, is joining the likes of PVP, Penny Arcade, Yirmamuh and Ctl-alt-del buy forming it’s own World of Warcraft Guild. According to Dean, the guild has actually been around for quite a while now and has about 300 members. However he is looking to open it up to any readers who wish to join. The guild, called the United Order of Virtue is on the Elune server.

For those who don?t know, World of Warcraft is a popular online role playing game in which many web comics have created their own teams, called guilds, to battle against each other and increase the bond between members of the web comics community.


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