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The Devil’s Panties – Journal Comics may have been one of the original forms web comics were posted but they haven’t been exactly leading the pact in web comics recently. One of the few exceptions has been The Devil’s Panties by Jennie Breeden. This semi-autobiographical strip has recently signed with Silent Devil to be collected into graphic novel editions starting in February 2006. This is in celebrate of it’s 4th anniversary.

Daily Grind Iron Man – It’s been awhile since we’ve covered the Iron Man with the annoucement Kurtz was dropping out. Since then there have been a few more Losers with the notable Greg Dean being in the list. The latest list of losers is Tod Emko, Jason Turner, Brian Fukushima, Owen Kuhn, Robin Bougie, Miles Pekala, and Phil McAndrew.

NC Webcomic Coffee Clatch – The North Carolina web comic meet up is happening again. All web comic artists are invited to attend. It’s a casual social gathering, usually for conversation that will be at Mr. Toad?s Coffee House, 976 High House Rd, Cary, NC, Sunday, October 23 at 4 pm. Spend an hour or two talking comics with the guys from Sinister Bedfellows, The Dada Detective, Onion Head Monster and Catgirl Island among others.

Something PositivePhil has come across a great little find in The Something Positive Movie. I know Zampzon is killing himself just as much as Phil in not being the first one to make a movie involving web comics although he would probably make a documentary. This appears to be the first web comic fan-film. The site crashed shortly after it was posted on the site when it exceeded it’s 70 GB limit. Make sure to go back to SP every so often when Milholland gets copy of it.


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  1. Good point, I had heard about this but could never find it. A student made a short film about CAD for a class. Since I haven’t seen it I don’t know if it’s a fan-film or just a report. You are right though that it came before the SP one.

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