Web Comic Scavenger Hunt Winner!

The Web Comic Scavenger Hunt for the month of August is now complete and we have a winner. Congratulations to Andrea of Icarus Falls who sent in a list of pirate related comics with 326 links! Great job Andrea! She will receive a copy of the Alpha Shade graphic novel as her prize. The full list of links she sent in will be posted on our site shortly.

Later on we’ll announce the next topic for the September Web Comic Scavenger Hunt. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!


3 thoughts on “Web Comic Scavenger Hunt Winner!

  1. Thank you! I can\’t believe I was able to find enough pirate comics; the scary thing is there are probably a lot more out there that I never found.

    I was a little embarassed to see that you linked to my homepage, which I just now realized is so horribly out of date that it didn\’t even have a link to my comic on it. :O Whoops. I\’ve just fixed that.

  2. So, ah, will we ever get to SEE this glorious linkage of pirate comics, or will we be forced to spend our time playing outside?

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