The September Web Comic Scavenger Hunt!

It’s time for our second installment of the Scavenger Hunt. The quick low down, for those new to the “The Monthly Web Comics Scavenger Hunt“, is it is help promote webcomics by compiling a list of comics around narrow topics such as pirates as oppose to ‘humor’. The deadline for this month is of course midnight of the last day of September.

We want you to gather links to comics across the web that pertain, refer to, involve, or otherwise mention this topic and send us the list. On last day of the month the person who sent us the most qualifying links will win web comic swag. For more details visit the main Scavenger Hunt page. This month’s special prizes are some fantastic books from Chopping Block, Diesel Sweeties and Yirmumah!.

For this month the topic will be DEMONS! None of those silly mortal pirate stuff. Let’s find those hundreds of demon comics and see you submit more then 350. For this installment we have a treat with a drawing from someone on my daily trawl. Eric “Maniac Wolfman” of Hellbound has illustrated the cover for this month’s scavenger hunt.


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