RyanEstrada.com Celebrates Two Years

When it comes to webcomics there are two ways to prove you are on the way to making it. The first is when your work starts making an impact and when you have been running online for more then two years. So it was without surprise to find RyanEstrada.com celebrating two years on the web after Ryan has had such an impact (reaching 10,000+ unique visits last month) with his travel journals, 24/48/72/175 hour comic marathons, and Welton Colbert. In celebration Ryan has redesigned his site along the lines that have brought him to where he is now.

Right on the heals of Ryan’s birthday it looks like the drama with Ped X-ing is coming to a conclusion. Lulu has recovered from it’s comma with quite a pleasant surprise. Ryan’s situation may have been an anomaly but Lulu has step up to the plate with the best business practice ever devised: The customer comes first. In a post by Nick Popio Lulu stated:

[W]e will re-distill your PDF and try to produce a version that will properly RIP on our printers. We'll then send you a free proof copy, and (once we are sure your book will print beautifully) we will send a free copy to all of your customers that had orders canceled. Of course, we will also send you the royalties for those books.

Here’s to Ryan and two years!


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