DS 38: Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon p2

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The Webcomic Telethon Wrap-up. This week we discuss the Web Comic Telethon. We talk about some of our favorites and conduct an interview with Brad Guigar, cartoonist behind Greystone Inn, founding member of Blank Label Comics, and the charity event organizer.This week we talk about :

  • The Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon by over 300 Cartoonists from Across the Web
  • This week’s Entry from the We Love Web Comics Contest:

    [ Click the image to see it full size ] Entry sent in by : Phil Kahn

    Contestant Web Site : Biscuit Press


    1 thought on “DS 38: Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon p2

    1. Well, it\’s 12:42 am up here in lonely Winnipeg. I just finished tuning into the podcast, and I\’m rather glad I did.
      Brought a few needed smiles to my face.

      Now really, I wouldn\’t leave a comment in the first place if I didn\’t think or feel I should but I just wanted to continue on Brads sentiments about how well the Webcomic telethon went.
      I participated, and I was glad too. Didn\’t get to send in any high Resolutions for the book, but eh what can you do? I still left a mark on the grand scheme of it all on the internet.

      And in case your wondering, I\’m the one who draws for \”Blinded by Fate\” located on the jellycreations.com site, and well I\’m just glad I could donate the time and effort in making my comic, #1026 on the site, and also what I call the \”Donate Incentive\” Artwork I drew. #1067.

      I also I\’m really just babbling and it\’s now almost 1 in the morning here, but really.
      I think everyone did a *great* Job. So yeah, yay for everyone.

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