DS 35: Interview with Gabe and Tycho

Digital Strips : Show 35 [20 MB]
This week we feature an interview with Gabe and Tycho, the writer and artist behind the very popular web comic Penny Arcade. We also discuss the upcoming the Web Comic Hurricane Relief Telethon being conducted on Sept. 13 and 14. We encourage web comic creators and readers to contribute what they can to this worthy cause. We also talk about the winning entry from the Web Comic Scavenger Hunt we held during August.This week we talk about :

  • Penny Arcade by Gabe and Tycho
  • Digital Strips Comic: Our Buddy DJ Coffman

    This week’s Entry from the We Love Web Comics Contest:

    [ Click the image to see it full size ] Entry sent in by : Karl KauffmanContestant Web Site : Karltoons

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