Web Comics Community Support for Hurricane Relief Grows, Zoinks Magazine and Yirmumah Join the Effort

The Web Comic Telethon is scheduled to take place Sept. 13th through the 14th during which comics donated from web comic artists will be added for viewing on a rolling basis, encouraging readers each update to donate money for the relief effort of the aftermath left by Hurricane Katrina. You can find all the details on the official Web Comic Telethon page. Digital Strips will be posting a special show to discuss the various submissions and to encourage our listeners to donate.

The soon to be relaunched web comic magazine Zoinks! has put out a press release announcing their commitment matching money to every issue purchase and subscription ordered between Sept. 5th and the 16th. Here is a quote from the press release:”Zoinks! Magazine will be pledging $1.00 from every single-issue order and annual subscription placed between Monday September 5, 2005 and Friday September 16, 2005 to Blank Label Comics’ Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon. Be sure to spread the word about the telethon to your readers: The Webcomic Hurriance Relief: www.webcomictelethon.com“.

Also, our favorite web comic bad boy, DJ Coffman, has committed support from his web comic, Yirmumah. Here is a great quote from his web site about the relief effort:”I want to emphasize again' if the webcomics community could raise $34,656.63 for Conneticon to not go bankrupt, we should be able to raise much more than that for this Hurricane relief effort. If we don't I'm gonna be really dissappointed in the webcomic community and it's readers. Let's do this thang! go to www.webcomictelethon.com“.


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