Web Comic Original Artwork Market

If you are in the market for some original web comic artwork this month is a good time to get your hands on some good pieces.

Wes Molebash, the cartoonist from Viper Comics, has started selling his original comic strip art from his strip You’ll Have That. Wes is clearly reluctant to sell the work, but those Wacom tablets don’t grow on trees. You can get an original piece by contacting Wes through this post on his message board.

Krishna Sadasivam, the creator behind PC Weenies, has an original piece of artwork available on eBay for the next two days. This is the first time he is auctioning an original pencil sketch and it is taken directly from his sketch book.

Also, for the month of August Jin Wicked, the artist of Crap I Drew on my Lunch Break, has lowered the prices of her original comic art. Jin is also a professional studio artist and has always sold all her original work through her online store, but the price drop marks a month long sale that provides a great bargain.

Not only would one of these purchases help to support the web comics community they also look great hanging on the wall, so go help feed the starving artists of the web. How long before someone comes up with a web comic art museum? Sounds like a job for T. Campbell to me, once he finishes that book of course.


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