Bizarro Experiences the Pitfalls of Print

In a twist, that’s more ironic when considering the name of the strip, Dan Piraro has submitted two different versions of his strip Bizarro to newspapers. The original version of the strip had an unsettling comment directed at government views on gay marriage. In the strip a doctor is talking to a man outside a delivery room and is telling him:

Your husband is in the recovery room. You could go back and see him if you like, but our government-sanctioned bigotry forbids it.

But King Features, who syndicates the strip, mentioned that there might be cancellations so Piraro created a tamer version that was no where near as funny. The problem arouse when he sent the tamer version out for black and white while sending the color version with the original text. So there are two versions of the same strip in upwards of 200 newspapers. Of course there were complaints about there being two versions and complaints about the reference to gay marriage. This whole fiasco is just another example of the problems syndicates must deal with to make readers happy.


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