Savage Disassembly

It was only a matter of time before such a group was created. In Savage Disassembly what we have is a peer review community for and by comic writers and artists for the purpose of helping the web comic community. Despite the overwhelming number of web comics one must first realize just how few respected and successful comics there are in comparison. You can of course try to find one of the many review sites and live journal critiques but both have their pitfalls as the sheer number of web comics can prevent the few critiques from making comments. In SavDis we have the same people submitting work for critique as the ones critiquing. Here are the rules:

1) You must participate critique of other?s work2) You must provide work of your own for critique

So what makes this community so special? Nothing so far, it’s in the potential of it that you have to take note. Right now it is just getting started with a handful of members but the more artists and writers out there that join the more constructive and usefull it will become.


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