Oregon Daily Emerald Loves Web Comics

With all the love expressed by the recent NY Times article it’s nice to find that there are people writing articles on the subject who actually read the material. Two days ago Ryan Nyburg wrote a rather pleasant article in the Oregon Daily Emerald about comics on the internet being a GOOD idea. He points out the decline of syndicated comics in your Sunday paper and how “every time I open up to the comics page I get the nagging feeling I a?m reading something written for 5-year-olds.”

Ryan singled out three strips in Red Meat, Toothpaste for Dinner, and a collection of comics by David Reese. He actually references material from these strips such as quoting lines from Red Meat: “No man is an island…but if you tie a bunch of dead guys together they make a pretty good raft.” It would appear that the Oregon Daily Emerald likes to employ reporters who know how to read and don’t get confused by there being too many words. The overall article is short but complimentary towards the subject matter without trying to show how much he doesn’t know by mentioning the feud between McCloud and Groth.


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