Call to Arms

For those who have been with us from the beginning you may have noticed that our 29th podcast marked 6 months of the Digital Strips podcast. We had no idea that this hobby of ours would get to where it is now this fast. Who would want to listen to our opinions on a medium which is notorious for being fickle? The loyalty of you, our listeners, has been inspirational and we would like to keep the momentum going.

How can you help us? There are a handful of podcast directories which allow ratings. This is very similar to Top Webcomics and BuzzComics but with the obvious podcast twist. Go to these sites and vote for us. Tell everyone how wonderful we are or tell the truth and give us a rating of 1. These sites work by how many people vote, not how much they like you. Here is a short list:

Podcast Alley
Podcasting News
Digital Podcast
Cast Register

There is also a problem which we seem to be unable to fix. Recently iTunes added a podcast subscription service in addition to a directory of podcasts to their music store. Unfortunately they grabbed the old RSS feed for our show resulting in a dead link if you try to find us though the directory. Let us mass email Apple with requests to update their database with our new RSS.

These two projects will help us gain the attention everyone keeps telling us we should have. With the increased traffic we have received already we plan to have new content for the site to keep you entertained every day of the week.


3 thoughts on “Call to Arms

  1. The best way to get Apple\’s attention in this case would be to fire up iTunes, search for \”Digital Strips\” in the podcast directory and use the \”Report A Concern\” link. I selected the \”cannot be downloaded\” option and posted the correct url in the comments section.

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