DS 27: WCCA 2006 Winners

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This week we announce the winners of four categories of the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards (WCCA). It is our pleasure to be part of the WCCA and during this show we get to announce the winners of the categories Outstanding Newcomer, Outstanding Writer, Outstanding Artist, and Outstanding Comic.This week we talk about the following:

  • Beaver and Steve by James Turner : Outstanding Newcomer
  • Narbonic by Shaenon Garrity : Outstanding Writing
  • Copper by Kazu Kibuishi : Outstanding Art
  • Scary Go Round by John Allison : Outstanding Comic
  • This week’s contest entry:

    [ Click the image to see it full size ]
    Entry sent in by : Jimmeh Gardner

    Contestant Web Site : Imryll


    4 thoughts on “DS 27: WCCA 2006 Winners

    1. Beaver and Steve is just… unadulterated fun. And what\’s wonderful is that the style is quirky, but not BAD… which is really refreshing.

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