Shakeup Over the Web Comics Panel at Anime Expo

The Anime Expo that took place last week in California held a web comic panel during which one of the panelists apparently embarrassed his partner. Codi and Cayen both run a web comic site, Draco Eques Tristita, and Codi, the sometimes writer and forum moderator for the site, sat in on the panel during the expo. Apparently during the question and answer portion of the panel Codi was asked about making a success in web comics and his response was not exactly professional. From what we’ve been told his response almost got the person responsible for running the panel barred from the expo.

Cayen (Brian Simpson), the artist and creator of the web comic was appalled at the actions of his partner once he had heard what had happened and has issued an apology to the attendees of the Anime Expo web comic panel discussion. Here is a quote: “I would like to apologize to the people at the webcomic panel at Anime Expo, (especially the guy who runs the panel). When codi Told me what had happend yesterday, I felt really embarrised by what he had to say. My reply would of been much different and caused less embarrisment. I cannot change what was said, but all I can do is offer a second opinion. Sir, who ever you are that runs the webcomic panel at AX I offer my sincerest apology, and hope that this does not affect the relationship between this comic and the panel. However how he became known is through forum moderation. He makes himself available to others. My way has been forged through times which I haven’t a dollar to spend on myself or food, yet I still pay for that bit of advertising.

The full text of Brian’s apology can be found on their web site.


8 thoughts on “Shakeup Over the Web Comics Panel at Anime Expo

  1. I took a look at their comic and was deeply disturbed. They were scenes were characters were jacking off to pictures and the final panel would be of a picture covered in goo. I can not imagine would he could have said to worsen his reputation.

  2. C\’mon Zampzon…

    You can\’t just give us half the story. That\’s just like saying \”Scandal!\” and then just walk away whistling. What was said?

  3. Blah. These guys WANT to be controversial? They\’re nobodys. They\’ll stay nobodys if they keep producing stuff like that and acting out in such a manner. If you want to be a loud mouth, at least have the chops to back it all up.

  4. I\’m controversial with the comic, I\’m not controversial with anyone else. If someone is going to label me and asshole I\’d like to earn it myself. In this case I\’m apologizing for the actions of another. I\’m not out to get anyone barred over a dumb question. If you don\’t like it you can take that issue up with me rather then just randomly commenting about it on a news story.

    Also Zampzon gave as much of the story as I could give him. As things come down the pipe from it I\’ll send it they\’re way.

  5. Can someone remind me why there is a news posts and a bunch of comments about a bunch of nobodys with a shiity disgusting comic?

  6. zampz, you got a psycho on your hands. good luck handling this guy. keep the weirdos away. cayen, eat some food!

  7. Your not controversial with your comic, son. If you were, I would have heard of you before this news post.

    Rule #1 of being \”public\”– take your lickings wisely. The more you struggle against the slightest critique, the more you will just keep struggling along in obscurity, relying only on the crutch of \”controversy\” to fuel your creative endeavors.

    Take it from me.

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