ConnectiCon has been saved

There are times when I am surprised, and then there are times when I am truly amazed. Tuesday of last week we found out that Matt Daigle and Briana Benn where royally screwed by the Connecticut Convention Center and went into additional debt of $34,148.50. This is the sort of event that ruins lives and it could have, except that the artists who attended ConnectiCon banded together to start a drive to SAVE CONNECTICON.

Now you might think it’s close to impossible to raise that kind of money from a community notorious for consuming a product for free. Well let’s see, how long did it take?

How about 8 days.

Yeah, you read right. It took only eight days to raise $34,200. For everyone out there who thinks there is no money in web comics, I fart in your general direction.


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