Web Comic Wrap-up

It has been awhile since I’ve done one of these but then I’m pretty much a slacker.

Clickwheel – You’ve probably heard news about this all over the place. It’s the world’s first RSS feed for downloading digital comics to the iPod. This is a great little extension of RSS and podcasting that we should have seen coming. The developers on the product are enjoying being #1 in the Top 10 downloaded iPod products while at the same time on verge of creating a business model using subscriptions.

InverlochComixpedia has a nice little interview with Sarah Ellerton. This is on the heals of Inverloch tying OOTS for Outstanding Fantasy webcomic. There’s a bunch of fun little questions like how it is to make a 750 page comic and what her artistic and writing influences are.

Penny Arcade – After selling 250 prints at Comi-Con Tycho and Gabe posted the last 250 on ThinkGeek. Excited I head over to find that the prints have sold out in under two hours.

Melonpool – Steve Troop is having a HUGE book sale. He is trying to clear out his current stock of the first five books by knocking the prices down from $19.95 to $7 each. There’s no way you can pass up on a deal like this. I know I can’t.

Asylumantics – Volume 2, Ignorance is Bliss, of this crazy comic ships August 1st. On its heals of, or should I say ushering in, this sale is the re-release of Mental Giants which is smaller in size (9″x7″) but also smaller in price. It features less comics and does not contain the bonus art that the original version did.


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