Digital Strips … The Beginning Continues

Another Digital Strips comic to continue the tale that follows the beginnings of our humble project here. I’ve toned down the maimings of my partner and have instead turned to public humiliation. Hopefully I didn’t cram in too much background this time.

I abandoned the hand drawn word balloons for this one and went with the PhotoShop created ones. I find it easier to place the dialogue after the fact, but I do love having a completed piece of work in my hands. Seeing the original art without any words in it doesn’t look right. Oh well. Please let me know what you think of this one. I’m getting all kinds of ideas on where to take this now and I appreciate the feedback I’ve been getting for the previous DS comics.


2 thoughts on “Digital Strips … The Beginning Continues

  1. The art, again, is damned good. And it\’s definitely getting funnier.

    I have faith that as you guys work on this, it will continue to get better.

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