Live IRC Chat with Zampzon and Daku Tonight

I just wanted to remind everyone that our live IRC chat will take place tonight at 9:00pm EST (New York City time). You can connect to our IRC room by using any IRC client and pointing it towards on port 6667. Once on the IRC server go to the room #digitalstrips. If you don’t have an IRC client you can use the online Java based client by clicking here.

Stop on by and join other fans of the show to talk about out latest episode or ask us questions and just to hang out. We’re looking forward to interacting with you guys, so feel free to give us some live feedback. See you all online tonight!


4 thoughts on “Live IRC Chat with Zampzon and Daku Tonight

  1. I think things went pretty well. We had about 12 people total come in, which isn\’t anywhere near our monthly traffic, but we did have some good feedback and suggestions. We\’ll try to keep the IRC chat an ongoing feature.

  2. Great! I\’ll try and make the next one.

    I was originally going to say \”Could you please do it earlier next time for us GMT folk?\” then realised you both work fulltime jobs. So… yeah. Twelve wasn\’t a bad turnout at all!

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