What’s happening at Keenspot?

The past few months there’s been a bit of a shake up at Keenspot. I have no idea what started the small exodus but I’m going to guess it was Schlock Mercenary. That’s right, I’m pointing my finger at you Howard, it’s all your fault that people are leaving and making more money without having someone taking a part of your profits, how dare you! All kidding aside Keenspot has lost: Schlock Mercenary, Shortpacked, It’s Walky, Krazy Larry, and Melonpool. Fear not, for Keenspot always comes out the other end and we can see that with the additions of Penny & Aggie, Mad about U, Todd & Penguin, and Down to Earth.

Update: A day after I post this there’s another shakeup. Greystone Inn is evacuating, although it is ending it’s current theme, along with Checkerboard Nightmare and Wapsi Square.


12 thoughts on “What’s happening at Keenspot?

  1. There\’s going to be a mass exodus I tell you … 😀 … something obviously occurred behind the scenes for these mainstay cartoonists to just bolt… didn\’t Dave Willis make some kind of announcement for ShortPacked a while back too ?

  2. This is the end…..my beautiful friend, the end….

    this is the end…

    Ok, I\’m kidding. But still.. WOW. Keenspot meltdown going on!

  3. did Chris finally Keel over and no one has told us? I mean jeeze it\’s almost scary to see the top creators of Keen leave all at the same time….what\’s next Michael Poe leaving? perhaps someone closer to the top like Buel?

  4. Obviously (having returned to Keenspot all of five minutes ago), I don\’t entirely agree with the assessment Tycho provides. He tries to go for balance, but it\’s hard to do that when you lead with an SNL-esque slam on your subject. Nevertheless, if you\’re looking for a single cause, that\’s probably it.

  5. You\’re always there with the link I couldn\’t find. I\’m with you on Keenspot and that was the article that was in my head when I made this post. I will say that you have to be a Schlock Mercenary or Wapsi Square to strike it out on your own and expect to make more money. Keenspot is an great jumping board with the exposure it gives you.

  6. I\’m thinking it a small secret group of Keenspacers, to get themselves on Keenspot, or maybe Chris Crosby himself planted subliminal suggestions in heads of the exiting spotter\’s to go \”independent\” at certain time to make room for new artists. They all posted very similar messages and all seem to leaving on \”friendly\” terms…

  7. Damn I\’ve been found out<.<...all joking aside it\'s weird how everyone wants to leave keen all at once

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