DS 17: Review Norm and Cory, Count Your Sheep, The Bullet Angelica, and Quick Give me Two Nouns

Digital Strips : Show 17 [12mb]

Show 17 is now online and ready for your listening pleasure. Before I mention the show have a look at this week’s contest entry. This one comes to use from The Outer Circle, a very funny comic and a past pick of mine.

[ Click to see full image ]
We start off this week’s show with an announcement that both Daku and I will be in the Digital Strips IRC room this Wednesday night at 9:00pm ET (New York, US time). We’ll be on hand to talk about this week’s show, the comics we mentioned, or anything else you guys want to talk about. To connect to the chat room use any IRC client to connect to irc.cad-net.org on port 6667 and enter the room #digitalstrips. Or you can connect using this Java based online client. We hope everyone stops by to give us some live interactive feedback.Now, about this week’s show, our comic picks for this week are as follows:

  • Norm and Cory by Andrew Kaiko
  • Count Your Sheep by Adrian Ramos
  • The Bullet Angelica by A Host of Various Artists
  • Quick, Give Me Two Nouns by Seung Lee
  • And that is our show for this week. I know my picks this week are a little unconventional for me, but I was feeling creative. Be sure to send us your feedback by either posting a comment to this post or by sending an email to digital.strips@gmail.com. We love hearing from you and we practically thrive on the submissions from our listeners.


    1 thought on “DS 17: Review Norm and Cory, Count Your Sheep, The Bullet Angelica, and Quick Give me Two Nouns

    1. *pokes head in*

      Hey guys! Just wanted to say nice podcast as usual. I\’m especially happy you picked CYS this time round, but a few comments:

      Big Eyes = Does not automatically equal manga!!!!!!

      There are plenty of other styles that did not originate from manga that incorporate big eyes in their styles of art. Even the characters in Garfield had big eyes! Also, Adis has mentioned that a lot of his artistic influences come from newspaper comics: Peanuts, Liberty Meadows, Pogo, Calvin and Hobbes etc. (Incidentally, a lot of those strips had characters with big eyes too)

      Sorry… had to get that out.

      Also, I don\’t think Adis ever went into details how Katie\’s dad died, but the strip about Laurie at the graveyard made me cry.

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