The Trend Continues

It looks like the contestants in the Iron Man competition are starting to drop like flies. Yesterday two more contestants, John Campbell and Erik Goldsby, have been booted. That keeps up the pattern of losing one a week by catching up on a week missed in April. Point of note is I read PvP every day. I was shocked to go there today and find the same strip I read yesterday. Say it ain’t so!


6 thoughts on “The Trend Continues

  1. It\’s happened before. Scott, at times, tends to update later on in the day. I just wonder sometimes why he doesn\’t have the Iron Man challenge logo on his site.

  2. I still agree with whoever said that it\’d still be another fifty years before this thing finishe.

    Well… not quite fifty, but you know. At least a few more months.

  3. Scott doesnt have the logo on his site, probably because he doesnt support the whiney bitches that can\’t stand him being in the contest. When he first joined up, they got loads of traffic and ad offers, etc… now I see people crying that he\’s not linking to them– they just want his traffic– and THATS why he wont link it up.

    PS, Yirmumah will most likely win this competition. Excellent strip, and the guy who does it is a mad man.

  4. Chris Crosby would have to become physical unable to draw and exhaust his entire buffer for Yirmumah or any others to have chance. I wouldn\’t be susprised if most the the \”pros\” in the contest have some kinda buffer of comic strips…

  5. Well I think Chris Crosby and Scott Kurtz are morbidly obese, so there\’s a chance they could just keel over and leaven some of the other guys a shot.

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