Feed the Birds, Toppins a Bag?

If you look around the site a bit I’m sure you’ll notice a few new additions. I’ve signed us up for some advertising. I hope thy aren’t too annoying, but running this podcast isn’t exactly free. We have some special plans in store for you folks and to pull it all off it would be nice to have some coin trickling in. I have set it up so that all the ads are relevant to comics and not very flashy. If you feel so inclined, make a purchase through the Amazon.com links. It gives us a cut and clicking through to any of the Google ads helps us out too.

If this way too much and you guys can’t handle it chime in, but I don’t think they are too intrusive. Thanks.


1 thought on “Feed the Birds, Toppins a Bag?

  1. I don\’t think these ads are intrusive at all, besides people who complain about them are the people who usually don\’t like bands that are on a major label. Of course, that arguement can be started another day. Whoosh!… that\’s my leaving sound.

    -Josh Welling

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