The Last Drop Update

Hey, a second comic and on time! So far, so good. Today’s comic reflects my own experiences in coffee houses. Very often I would get the inspiration to hang out there with my sketchbook and as was most often the case be suddenly hit with artist’s block or get distracted or just start daydreaming. Oh well, at least I was out.

Just so everyone knows, the location of the comic is temporary. I’ve registered for a new domain and once I have that set up the comic will move to it’s own page. I want to keep the focus of this site the audio show and web comic blog.

Besides, we’ll need that space for our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.


1 thought on “The Last Drop Update

  1. as someone who spent most of their time in coffee houses throughout high school, etc good work. that\’s just about right most of the time. funny as hell, keep it up, and good luck. btw the podcast is a sunday night ritual now.

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