DS 13: Review of Angst Technology, Sinister Bedfellows, Wulffmorgenthaler, and Closet Gamers

Digital Strips : Show 13 [13 MB]
Our 13th show has gone hot! Huzzah.

We start the show off reminding everyone about our ongoing contest. Only two more weeks to get us your submission, so if you haven’t finished it yet better get cracking. We’ve gotten some excellent submissions so far and every one of them has made us laugh.

This wee we discuss the following the comics:

  • Angst Technology by Barry Smith
  • Sinister Bedfellows by Larry ‘mckenzee’ Holderfield
  • Wulffmorgenthaler by Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler
  • Closet Gamers by Erin Asplund and Pauline Stepels
  • This week’s listener submissions:

  • Halfling Warriors: Protectors of Unicorn Forest sent in by Hercules29
  • Instant Classic Comics sent in by Daniel
  • Ocular Trauma and Chair Sent in by Wade Clarke
  • Schlock Mercenary sent in by Mel Williams and Mark Nelson
  • As always, we are eager to hear from you. Let us know what you think of the show and keep those web comic recommendations coming. Send all questions, suggestions, and contest entries to digital.strips@gmail.com. Thanks!

    NOTE: The guys from Wulffmorgenthaler are Danish, not German. Sorry guys!


    10 thoughts on “DS 13: Review of Angst Technology, Sinister Bedfellows, Wulffmorgenthaler, and Closet Gamers

    1. I just wanted to add that I was really rushed for time this week in completing the show, so there isn\’t as much music edited in. Be sure to give me feedback on that, I can keep it the same if people prefer it.

    2. Good greif you jumped on that show fast. I uploaded the file like an hour ago!

      You have a kickass comic there man, very funny. The fact that you take all the photos yourself makes it even more impressive!

    3. I didn\’t dig that German one either. There\’s pushing the envelope, and then there\’s just being sick. Kind of the \”Happy Tree Friends\” or \”Meet the Feebles\” type of \”humor\”.

      Great show today, guys. Thanks a lot for mentioning Instant Classic! Brian Carrol is amazing. My own strip just got accepted to be part of the DayFree Press Network he is a part of, and it\’s wonderful being considered on his calibur.

      (P.S. The no music thing didn\’t bother me at all)

    4. It was great to hear your two differing views on Wulffmorgenthaler. Disagreements on comics are as good as you both saying \”oh yeah, this one was good.\”

    5. I\’m not all that fond of wulfmorgenwhatsit. I\’ve been reading and dig both Angst Tech and SinBed myself, and I intend on reading through closet gamers. It looks great.

      I\’d like to hear more talk on Instant Classic, that\’s definitely one of my favorites (I also enjoy talking to Brian, he\’s a cool guy).

    6. I just started listening to the most recent podcast, and Zampzon says we have 2 more weeks to send in comics. Was that a mistake? I thought the deadline was closer than that.

    7. Murphy, the contest ends April 29th. At the time I posted the show it was two weeks, you now have a week and a half. Check the contest page linked to on the right for all the details.

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