Even Mac users can be Comic Creators

Yes I realize most cartoonists are actually Mac Users but it’s hard not to use such a catchy title. I was reading through The Beat when I came across this lonely little link. It’s for a program called Comic Life for OS X. This is such a fantastic idea but it begs the question of is it truely more useful then Photoshop. Its hard to ignore a price tag of $40 though. Has anyone taken a look at this? As a PC user on the verge of getting a Mac I love hearing about such useful programs for creating web comics.


4 thoughts on “Even Mac users can be Comic Creators

  1. The product is really easy to use, has great iPhoto integration and requires almost no skill to make cool looking comic-book creations out of existing photos and original work. That being said, I think that a professional comic-er with a scanner and photoshop could make something more distinctive and personal.

    Anyway try it out, the demo version is pretty full-featured as far as I could tell.

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