24 Hour Comics Day … The Movie

24 Hour Comics Day is fast approaching. If you fancy your cartooning skills tough enough you are stocking up on non-photo blue pencils, Bristol board, and Jolt Cola in preparation for a real show of doodling might. Comic shops, schools, and community centers across the world will host a single 24 hour session for artists to try and create 24 comics in a single cycle. At the time of this post there 74 locations signed up to host the event in 28 US states and 5 Canadian provinces plus France, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, and Thailand.

The concept is the brainchild of Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics. The actual organization of the event has been picked up by AboutComics.com and more specifically Nat Gertler. After the event they select a few submissions from the all the artists involved and print them into a book made available in comic shops. The event is a very new thing, but is rapidly gaining in popularity among the cartooning community.

A small group of independent filmmakers are nearing completion of a short documentary film about the experience. The film is called 24 Hours Later and documents the efforts of 4 artists and their attempts to complete the challenge. The film will also include interviews with Scott McCloud, Nat Gertler, Christian Gossett, Scott Kurtz, Jenn Manley Lee, and many others.

The official site has more details and includes downloadable video clips from a rough cut of the film. They are also accepting pre-orders for copies of the film when it is complete. This looks like a lot of fun and we wish them luck, so check it out.


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