DS 12: Review of Please Rewind, Girly, The Outer Circle, and Wapsi Square

Digital Strips : Show 12 [13 MB]
Show 12 online and ready to go. Three months of doing the show now. Pretty cool.

We start off the show by mentioning my own web comic, The Last Drop. Have a look and feel free to pick on me like I’ve picked on other comics. Also, we’re running a little tight on server space so we are going to have to trim down the show archives a bit. I will limit the archived shows to 8 episodes at a time. Now is your last chance to grab our earlier ones.

The big announcement has been announced. We are running the “We Love Web Comics Contest“. We are asking you, the listener and blog reader, to create a comic strip about us, about our show, about what we are doing here and send it to us. You can either send the comic image file via email or the link to where it is posted. You’ll be entered into a random drawing to win over $120.00 worth of web comic books! More details and photos of the pile of comics will be posted later tonight.

We talk about the following web comics this week:

  • Please Rewind by Chris Cantrell
  • Girly by Josh Lesnick
  • The Outer Circle Steve Napierski
  • Wapsi Square by Paul Taylor
  • This week’s listener submissions:

  • The Joy of Tech sent in by Rob
  • Coin-Op : The Comic sent in by Dan E.
  • Edge Knight Sent in by Sam Romero
  • Comic Rants sent in by MattFarr
  • That’s our show for this week. Be sure to let us know what you think, send us your web comic suggestions for our show, and email us about your entry into the contest. All this and anything else you want to tell us can be sent to digital.strips@gmail.com. Enjoy!


    1 thought on “DS 12: Review of Please Rewind, Girly, The Outer Circle, and Wapsi Square

    1. Hi guys. Just listened to the show and it sounded great. I was especially surprised to hear PR being reviewed. I thought I\’d clear up a few questions you seemed to have in the review.

      1) Hank looking like the guy who runs Ain\’t It Cool News is strictly by accident. It is interesting though that he just happened to look like a guy who runs a movie site.

      2) The older comics (the ones in color) were indeed produced in 2004 when the comic first published. It took a short break from the web to relaunch just recently.

      3) I switched from color to b&w mainly due to concerns about color printing prices. I plan on archiving these into a book in the near future and want it to be sold at a reasonable price.

      Thanks for reading and for the review guys!

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