The “We Love Web Comics!” Contest

We are pleased to bring you the “We Love Web Comics Contest!” In an effort to both promote our show and web comics in general we have come up with a fun contest that anyone can take part in. Here are all the details:What is the prize?

We have scoured the web collecting the printed books of many popular online comics. The winner of the contest will receive over $120.00 worth of web comic books! You can see them all in this photo:

< click for a closer look>
These are the books and links to the various web sites they come from. If you are unfamiliar with any of them please have a look:

  • Spotlight 2004
  • From Pixels to Paper 2004
  • Megatokyo Vol. 3 by Fred Gallagher
  • Greystone Inn Dilutions of Grandeur by Brad Guigar
  • Chopping Block Collection by Lee Adam Herold
  • Reinventing Comics by Scott McCloud
  • PVP at Large Vol. 1 by Scott Kurtz
  • Dandy and Company Old Dogs and New Tricks by Derrick Fish
  • Evil Geniuses in a Nutshell from User Friendly by Illiad
  • Enter Yirmumah by DJ Coffman and Bob McDeavitt
  • Dork Tower Understanding Gamers by John Kovalic
  • Crap I drew on my Lunch Break by Jin Wicked
  • A big steaming bowl of web comic goodness, all this could be yours!

    Ok, what do I have to do?

    To enter the contest all you have to do is create one web comic about us. It can about our show, a specific show, us as individuals, whatever. It just has to be about Digital Strips in some way. You can use the character designs in our logo if you want and feel free to use any existing characters you may have in your own web comic.

    Are there any restrictions on the comic format?

    We are very flexible on this, but we have a few requirements. The comic must be no wider than 900. It can be in any display format; single panel, multi-panel, comic book page, vertical scroll, etc. But, it has to be single image, no animations or Flash files will be considered.

    How do I get my comic entry to you?

    There are two ways to make a submission:1: Post the comic somewhere on your own site and email us the URL of where we can get to it.

    2: Send the image as a .JPG or .GIF file attached to an email.

    Either way, send it in an email to with the subject line “Contest Entry”.

    If you would like to send us the original artwork that would be great too and is encouraged, but the contest entry only requires a digital file as described above.

    How long do I have to create my entry? My genius takes time to bring to the surface.

    You have three weeks to get us your contest entry. We will accept entries up to midnight on Friday April 29th. The winner will be randomly selected over the weekend and announced on our show May 2nd.

    What if I don’t win? I’ll have done all that super clever work for nothing!

    Not quite. While there can be only one winner of the web comic book stash every entry sent to us will have it’s moment to shine. After the contest is over we will post each entry one at a time to the front of our web site. Along with the image we will link back to your web site, should you have one. This guarantees promotion for you own web comic, should you have one. If you don’t have a web site or comic we’ll provide a link to whatever site you wish (within reason of course. What passes muster is at our discretion).

    Also, we will put up a permanent contest entry page with all the entries on display which will also be linked to from our front page and occasionally pimped on the show.

    We get promotion for our show, you all get promotion for your own stuff, and one lucky winner gets a nice big pile of awesome. The way we see it, everybody wins!

    So there you have it. Our first big contest. The first of many, perhaps. You’ve got three weeks, now get cracking!


    3 thoughts on “The “We Love Web Comics!” Contest

    1. I totally entered this, although I haven\’t heard back from DS yet and I\’m sure I\’m gonna look a jackass compared to all the quality stuff that\’s gonna be sent in! Anyone see the Joe and Monkey strip? Now that\’s good stuff!

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