DS 11: Review of The Good Little Robot, Alien Loves Predator, Bored and Evil, and Blockhead Comics

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We start this show off with an announcement. I, Zampzon, am starting my own web comic. It will debut right here on this very page Tuesday. Please be sure to check back and have a look. Now everyone who’s web comic I’ve reviewed on the show can come and get me back.

Also, we mention an announcement to be made next week. Trust me, you’re going to want to here about that. Next week’s announcement will be a lot of fun for you guys and for us as well so be sure not to miss it. We can’t reveal what it is yet since we are still working out the details, but it will be big.

We move on to discuss this week’s comics picks:

  • The Good Little Robot by Ryan Reid
  • Alien Loves Predator by Bernie Hou
  • Bored and Evil by Robert Koch
  • Blockhead Comics by lars Brandon Rodriguez Ingelman
  • After telling you what we are reading we give you a chance to tell us what you are reading. Here were this week’s listener submissions:

  • The Asylumantics & Please Rewind sent in by Chris
  • Fade Resistant & The Epilogue sent in by Reva Sharp
  • Exterminatus Now Sent in by Manic Mole
  • The Outer Circle from Steve
  • PC Weenies from Krishna
  • The Perry Bible Fellowship from Michael Grimm
  • Tyler Sticka from Tyler
  • Life For Breakfast from Nick Johnson
  • Remember to send us your web comic picks. Tell us what you are reading, what you like, what you hate, we want to here from you! We’re giving you a free show, the least you could do is drop us a line and tell us what you think of it. And remember, tune in next week to hear our big announcement!


    1 thought on “DS 11: Review of The Good Little Robot, Alien Loves Predator, Bored and Evil, and Blockhead Comics

    1. Hey you guys, I just had to say thanks so much for making my comic one of your picks for the week! You absolutely made my day, I might even try a tiny bit more continuity just for you. (Not really, I was already planning to give Ugly Buttkins his day.) But really though, muchas gracias and mad props to you. Consider yourselfs linked, and best wishes with the new comic! :^) -Lars of Blockhead Comics

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