Iron Man Competition Shenanigans?

The Daily Grind’s Iron Man Competition may have a controversy on it’s hands. Dean Trippe, one of the competitors in the web comic contest, seems to have violated the rules laid out for single panel updates and yet remains in the running.

The second rule listed in the competition states as follows, “Strips must be a minimum of two panels – two single panel strips are acceptable. Artists may produce one single panel strip per every 10 strips. This is not cumulative. There must be at least 9 strips of two panels or more between each single panel strip.”

In his strip “Butterfly“, however, Dean has only 6 multi-paneled strips between the March 22 comic and the March 31 comic, both of which are single paneled comics. The violation has been clear for several days now, but Dean has not been placed into the “loser” category on the Iron Man Challenge home page.

Will Dean be eliminated? If not, what does this mean for the validity of the contest? Will the other comic creators react? I have sent an email from the email link provided on the Daily Grind page asking for an update and I will report on their response. We’re keeping an eye on the situation.

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12 thoughts on “Iron Man Competition Shenanigans?

  1. You are quoting the re-written, post decision rules there, but nice to see you check facts before posting \”news.\”

    Edward J Grug III

  2. I think the re-writing was for clarification, but the strip still violates even the newly phrased rule.

  3. “Anonymous said…
    I think the re-writing was for clarification, but the strip still violates even the newly phrased rule.”

    I’m trying to figure out how to explain to you how much sense that post doesn’t make, but I don’t know where to begin.

    Edward J Grug III

  4. The story at hand, has some missing information…

    Mr. Coffman called out Dean Trippe on a over sight of one of the rules. After much debate amongst themselves, the judges determined a revision of the rule, but willing allowed Trippe to stay, alongside another Grind member. Unfortunately, regardless of what the judges have proclaimed, Coffman is determined to verbally slap around both the judges\’ ruling, as well as other Grinders, because the answer he received was not one he wanted.

    It is sad to see that someone who claims themself to be a professonal, is trying to remove the bricks of what has been a strong structure. He, in my opinion, needs to accept what has been to decided, otherwise, that structure may come crashing down on him…

  5. Your news report above contains the rewritten rule, not the original.

    The rule originally read:

    \”Strips must be a minimum of two panels, however, artists may produce one single panel strip per every 10 strips.\”

    It was decided that several people had misinterpreted the rule and thought that it was cumulative. As a result, it was decided that the rule needed to be reworded to make it more clear – since a reading of \”one single panel in every group of ten strips\” would have meant that they were still within that interpretation of the rule.

    Ed Brisson

  6. Dean was following the original rules, not the clarified ones. The original ones were ambiguous (and going by previous posts in the forum, I wasn\’t the only one who thought so).

    I don\’t get the big deal. You don\’t toss someone else out because you screwed up. This isn\’t Dean getting away with an excuse (rule #5: no excuses) – this is the judges making an excuse when they realized that a rule was being used a way they didn\’t want it to be.

    Of course the strip violates the newly phrased rule. The judges didn\’t want to throw out people for misinterpreting the rule, but they also didn\’t want to let the misinterpretation continue. (\”Well, I\’ve posted 200 double-panel strips in a row: time for 20 one-panels in a row!\”) Seems fair to me.

  7. This has nothing more to do with me than I simply caught this thing, and the judges didn\’t– I respect Ed. — I don\’t agree with this decision at all though. The rule, rewritten or not, was broken. And clearly excuses are being made to let it slide. Plus, we have like 50 something people in– and I counted 2 people who misinterpreted and broke the rule– and about 4 or so others who publicly agreed. Out of 50 something people– a handful of people who didnt understand the rule 5 weeks into this thing— and the people slide?

    No one saw this one coming– I wonder what other rule might be misinterpreted later when someone breaks it. I think Ed, the other judges, might want to rethink this one. Even if I\’m right. Which god forbid I be right.

  8. 50 people didn’t respond to the thread, so please DO NOT try to claim that 50 people interpreted the same way as you, that just isn’t true.

    The fact remains that the JUDGES made a DECISION, and you need to grow up and accept that not every decision is gonna be one you agree with.

    I’d like to note that I agree with your reading of the one panel rule, BUT I don’t see the point of the tantrum.

    What are you trying to achieve?

    Do you think they will reverse their decision? I don’t think so.

    If you want out take your $20 if not shut up.

  9. This is bogus. Coffman is right on this one. And the judges need to kick whoever broke the rule out. Period.

    As an outside watching this thing, I thought it was a great competition for online comic artists, but now it seems by reading through all this garbage that people are playing favorites.

    Good escape from my day job work though– shhh! Dont tell my boss!

  10. speaking of Shenanigans, Greg Dean’s comic hasn’t updated in awhile (even after the server came up), is he having trouble with the backside or has he just stopped updating while he deals with actual real life?

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