Iron Man Challenge Confusion Explained

As previously posted the Daily Grind’s Iron Man Challenge currently has some controversy among the artists as to the status of Dean Trippe’s comic “Butterfly” and apparently one other. The rules as they are currently posted on the contest’s page declare that single panel updates are allowed only if 10 other multi-panel comics are posted between the single panels. This would put the comics in question in clear violation and subject them to disqualification.

However, it appears that the single panel update rule is a modified version of the original rules laid out for the contest. According to Ed Brisson the original rule regarding single panel updates read “Strips must be a minimum of two panels, however, artists may produce one single panel strip per every 10 strips.

Since the original rule did not clarify a chronology for when the single panels could be used the interpretation of this rule could have been that for every 10 comics in total one single panel update would be allowed. At the time of this post there are 25 comics in “Butterfly’s” archive and, if one were to interpret the original rule this way two single panel updates would be allowed.

Whew! So, for the purpose of clarification the rule has been updated and enforcement of the rule will only take place after the revision since the judges feel it would not be fair to enforce a rule in retrospect. I think that is understandable. The big confusion here is why there is no indication of the rule change on the contest site itself. Changing the rules mid-stream should come with a detailed explanation and probably a notification sent to each competitor.

Personally, I’m going to let them slide on this one. Despite the sloppiness of the execution I understand the reasoning. I would just like to see them be more open and clear about the situation. What they should have done was left the original rule wording in tact and added a dated clarification after it so people knew what was going on.


5 thoughts on “Iron Man Challenge Confusion Explained

  1. I\’m glad you\’ve posted a new bit about this.

    Each competitor WAS informed and all of this information was available on their official forum.

  2. There was a clarification on the rules sent out to each competitor via email.

    There was also a noticed posted on the Daily Grind Forum.

    I will be updating the website with a link to revised rules, so that those reading along will know.

    Ed Brisson

  3. I\’m glad there will be an update made to the rules on the site itself. Having to hunt for a post in your forums somewhere is not as up front and clear the rules text you have right there on the front page.

    The contestants may have been alerted as to what is going on, but for us observers on the outside this whole situation has gotten confusing.


  4. Are you kidding me? That guy clearly broke a rule and should be out.

    this contest is now a joke. im going to stop watching it. the majority of comics in it are cruddy anyway.

  5. I can\’t believe no one else is reporting on this yet? Weird.

    I think the running around and changing or \”clarifying\” of the rules is unsavory.

    They should have just started it all over with a clarified rules list or something. You can\’t let people slide. And if you do, everyong needs a get out of jail free card.

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