2 thoughts on “New Logo

  1. Hey, that\’s a good drawing, Zampzon! All you need is an idea and you could make your own strips! 😉
    That, or you could use your skills to parody reviewed strips (or call it fan art), or editorial illustrations for the site.
    The problem with blogger pages is that it\’s all text and no images. You could get that fixed in a jiffy! Or not a jiffy, depending on how fast you draw…

    Hold on a sec. Maybe I should read your complete message before butting in. You did say more attempts at cartooning were coming soon. Groovy, then! 😀

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I do plan on adding more little cartoon doodles of my own design around the site and I\’m also working on my own humble strip that I plan to debut here.

    Stay tuned …

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