Sinfest will help you Repent

Continuing the theme of reviewing the biggest strips I can find we bring you Sinfest. Here is a strip I can never decide if I enjoy it or not. The writer and artist is Tatsuya Ishida and uses Sinfest as a social commentary. There is no basic plot other then broad variety of stereotypical characters interacting and commenting on the world around them. First we have Slick who is a wannabe player representing your typical clueless male and there is Monique the tramp representing the worst in females. Supporting roles go to Criminy the bow-tie wielding geek, Squigley the male chauvinist pig who is a pig and finally we have God and the Devil representing, yes this one is obvious.

The art work has been outstanding from the beginning with very little change since it’s beginnings in 2000 which you can view in the archives. Every strip is black & white in the classic American news-print style but is done so well that you become almost upset to see them colored in. After reading through the archives you will almost be guaranteed to have the character’s silhouette ingrained into your head. As for the writing it is quick and funny and always conforms to the comic strip build up and follow-through. Word of warning though as there are quite a few strips involving religion and God that may make you as uncomfortable as it did me. Do not use that as a reason not to visit as I could only hope there are more strips that are as daring and provocative as this one.


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  1. Hey whats up guys? Just want to let you know that i look foward to every new podcast on new digital strips. keep up the good work……….

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