DS 5: Review of Faans, Sorcerer of Fortune, The Jaded, and Crossroads

Digital Strips : Show 5 [8MB]
A little late, but better late than never, right? Show number 5 is online and ready for download.In this show we ask that web comics creators add a synopsis or summary to their comics pages to make it easier for us to get caught up with your stuff.We also ask for audio comments. Send your MP3 files to digital.strips@gmail.com so we can play them on the show.

We’ve been getting some great feedback from people finding the show and people are starting to catch on that we want the show to be interactive.

  • Scary Go Round sent in by Patty
  • Hugh and Bot sent in by Andrew Crowley
  • Andertoons sent in by Mark Anderson. He’s a published gag cartoonist with some very funny stuff up on his site.
  • Jared Koon sent in a link to his comic the Far Light Saga an amazing fantasy story comic with great character designs. Nemesio is one of my favorite looking characters on the web now. I’m usually not into this sort of story, but this strip got my hooked. It may be a future pick of mine, we’ll see.
  • Shadow of a Doubt sent in by Jordan
  • Thanks to Robert Dumas for sending in a list of links. There are too many to go over right now and some I want to explore a little deeper, but I will mention VG Cats a very funny gaming parody comic with some excellent artwork.
  • We were contacted by T. Campbell from Graphic Smash and invited to take a look at their subscription based offerings. They gave us a temporary account so we could review their comics and in this show we take them up on their offer. All our picks this week are from Graphic Smash and they can be found by visiting their site and selecting the title from the drop down box at the top of the page:

  • Faans by T Campbell, Jason Waltrip, and several guest artists
  • Sorcerer of Fortune by Mike W. Barr and Dario Carrasco
  • The Jaded by Ping Teo
  • Crossroads by Clarence D. Cuasay
  • It’s also worth mentioning that T. Campbell has his own blog online and Ping runs a great blog called Webcomic Finds.One last thing. Next week we have another special show. Instead of our usual picks we’re going to have an interview with an actual web comic artist! Wes Molebash who is the creator of the excellent web comic ‘You’ll Have That’ over on the Viper Comics site has agreed to be our first interview. Be sure to check back next Monday for that and hear what Wes has to say about his comic and web comics in general.

    Don’t forget to keep sending us links to web comics and your audio comments. Enjoy!


    3 thoughts on “DS 5: Review of Faans, Sorcerer of Fortune, The Jaded, and Crossroads

    1. Coolness! That was a fun podcast.

      The only thing I can think of to improve the podcast is having some pictorial banners/samples of the comic reviewed on the blog post. It\’s all very well to describe the comics, but some pictures would be even better, I think.

      Oh, and what was the name of that french movie one of your guys mentioned? I\’ve never heard of it before, so I\’m curious as heck now.

    2. There\’s the french version called Nikita which is the best. Two other are the American remake, Point of No Return, and the TV series, La Femme Nikita, which is no longer airing.

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