Daily Grind Iron Man Competition

Every industry has them and here’s the Iron Man Competition for web comics. The Daily Grind is hosting this competition starting next Monday Feb. 28. This looks to be a good competition as several good artists are lined up so far to post a new strip every weekday until only one is left posting. You can find more information at http://www.crowncommission.com/dailygrind/.

Thanks to Phil McAndrews at Talk About Comics for this post.


3 thoughts on “Daily Grind Iron Man Competition

  1. How come no one posts comments in here? Where\’s the love people!

    This challenge is a good thing for comics all around.

  2. The scariest thing about this competition is how some of these guys have already been making a daily comic for years now.
    I really can\’t FATHOM when it\’s going to end. An Iron Man competition that could easily last for years? Does any other industry have such a thing?

    Still, we, the webcomic audience, really win out, don\’t we?

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