Review of Sheldon

Sheldon by Dave Kellett is one of my personal favorites. The story centers on a young boy genius who runs his own multi-national corporation while still trying hard to have a normal childhood. He lives with his Grandfather and a talking duck, the result of one of Sheldon’s brilliant experiments. Sarcasm apparently came with the power of speech.

The writing is very clever and I really like the line work in the strip. While clearly inspired by classic newspaper strip styles, Dave has found his own original drawing style that is crisp and clear. The sharp angles and bulbous hands make even the drawings themselves very funny even without the dialogue. Dave’s background work is very detailed without overtaking the characters. This guy has a real grasp on the comic strip medium.

Sheldon is currently a daily strip hosted on, which is usually a place for the web presence of print based comics like Dilbert and Get Fuzzy. However, I’m not aware of any newspapers in the USA carrying Sheldon. If I’m wrong someone please post a comment correcting me. Since the strip is hosted on, owned and run by the syndicate United Media, only the last 30 days worth of strips are available online. Too bad, I remember when this strip was online hosted by Dave himself and all the archives were available. It used to be a 4 panel strip instead of the 3 panel current incarnation, was this change due to being picked up the syndicate as well? Regardless of the limited archive access this strip is still well worth a read.


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