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Last week Zampzon gave a review on You’ll Have That and received our first comment to the blog. Another strip called Martin’s Misdirection was mentioned and I jumped, as in I read it the next day but took a week to write this, on the chance to review someone’s recommendation. This is a strip from James Burks who has many high profile experiences under his belt. Upon first look I thought the strip was too detailed in it’s sketching but then I realized all the details were in my head. James is so good in his simplicity that he is able to suggest a whole world in a single frame.

Martin’s Misdirection follows a magician and his talking rabbit Thurston through his life outside of magic, but my favorite episodes were the ones where Martin is performing some kind of magic. The whole strip reads more like a storyboard to a cartoon with each episode having anywhere from 3 panels to mixed horizontal and vertical panels. The plots are playful and generally bring a smile if not a small laugh but do not cause you to fall off your chair laughing.


2 thoughts on “Review of Martin’s Misdirection

  1. This is a great comic. It\’s fun, clean, and always pleasant. I could not recommend it more highly. My only gripe is that it isn\’t a daily strip… but with his convenient emailing list, you know when it\’s updated without having to constantly click on his site and be disappointed when there isn\’t one… 😉


  2. Daku,
    Thanks for taking my reccommendation. I thought you two would appreciate Martin\’s Misdirection and it is defininately my favorite comic on the web. I really enjoy Burk\’s work and it deserves more attention. Thanks for reviewing Martin\’s Misdirection. I look forward to reading more of your reviews soon.


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