Pixilated Diesel Sweeties

A few years ago when I first started reading digital strips there were some obvious strips I was going to read first. One of these is Diesel Sweeties. Now I’ve never been a fan of pixel comics but Richard Stevens has done an excellent job creating both his characters and the different plots. As anyone who has visited other pixilated strips has notice most have taken old 8-bit game characters and posed them together and simply acted out play or the games the characters were created for. Such techniques do allow for fast production and instant character development but in Diesel Sweeties we have something fresh and weird at the same time.

The main characters, Clango the robot and Maura his ex-porn star girlfriend, are no where near what you expect from your typical lovable heroes. This is the whole point, the robots we are introduced to are more human then the actual humans. The fact this strip is pixilated allows for updates every weekday and here is where we get to some problems. Due to the constant updates, there are over 1100 strips to date, most of the jokes are simple and rely on situational comedy. I never really laugh out loud but most of the time I do smile, so although I do not visit this strip every day it is easily the best pixel strip I have found.


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