DS 1: Review of The Fray, Inverloch, Bunny, and Two Lumps

Digital Strips : Show 1 [4MB]
The very first episode of the Digital Strips Podcast is now online. The show is in MP3 format can be played by any MP3 player. RIght click on the link and save it to you computer.In this Show Daku and myself review four web comics:

  • The Fray by Rob Niedojadlo
  • Inverloch by Sarah Ellerton
  • Bunny by Lem
  • Two Lumps : The Adventures of Ebenezer and Snooch by J. Grant and Mel Hynes
  • I recommend having a look at the strips before hand if you aren’t familiar with them already. Or, if you listen on your computer, feel free to look at the strips as you listen to us discussing them.This is our very first attempt at doing something like this. We still have some technical issues I want to get around, like getting the MP3 file size smaller, boosting Daku’s audio, etc. If anyone has any suggestions or opinions or comments please let us know. Enjoy!

    UPDATE: – Thanks to P Warren Lawrence fo giving us a hand with the size of the show’s file. It should be much more manageable now. Future shows will be as well.


    8 thoughts on “DS 1: Review of The Fray, Inverloch, Bunny, and Two Lumps

    1. You are very right. I understand your pain. I am very new at figuring this whole Podcasting thing out and I promise the tech will get better in upcoming shows. The next show file should be much smaller, so stay tuned …

    2. A great first show guys! Thanks for the review on my humble creation called The Fray. I found this show format to be both informative and fun. Anxiously awaiting more shows, so keep up the great work and prepare for the web-stalkers.

      – Rob Niedojadlo (knee-doe-jad-low) 😉

    3. Weird, I just found this show on my computer, I have no idea where I downloaded it from, but it\’s cool! Nice one guys. Cheers

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