WWW goes political

I don’t know when it happened but at some point I started to love political cartoons. Of course at first I liked them merely because they had really famous people looking silly. With the printed strip dying off one of the unfortunate side-affects has been the decline in quality of these social commentaries. Here’s the web is providing an outlet. There are cartoonists like Bill Mitchell who have gone completely digital and AWOL from the printed world and has been publishing online since 1995.

There’s more then just a handful and I’m still looking for some gems that I can revisit on a regular basis but there is definitly one site I plan to visit over and over again. Over at Slate Daryl Cagle has quite a large collection of strips from your typical printed strips to the ever increasing in popularity animated strip. The Professional Cartoonists Index is a large collection of over 100 contributing Cartoonists from around the world.


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