Pro Grapplers Episode 2: BOOM! How’s Ya Mutha?

Stars of Money in the Bank fall off a ladderA few days late and several dollars short, but don’t count out the Pro Grapplers! We offer our late thoughts on Money in the Bank, talking about Sheamus’ chances at becoming the first male Divas Champion and detailed talk of … packages. Also, Steve brings our first Sh-indie Report, offering his perspective of the local Utah show that he saw.


3 thoughts on “Pro Grapplers Episode 2: BOOM! How’s Ya Mutha?

  1. Ask and he shall receive, Jacob! Thanks for listening, we’re having fun spinning things off into another subject we dearly love and it’s good to hear at least one listener feels the same way.

  2. Because of my work schedule and hobbies I don’t get to watch it very much (when TNA was on Spike I’d watch that online from time to time), but I do still follow news and results religiously. So it’s good to know what’s going on or how matches come off. It’s also nice to hear about the indy scene out there. We actually had Metro Pro Wrestling filming where I worked once a month before they lost their TV deal, and that’s the closest I’ve been to seeing anything indies.

    Some day I’ll be able to tune in again… some day…

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