Digital Strips Podcast 308 – Review – I Am ARG!

With the beginning of a new year, we decided to start things off like nothing ever changed. I’m still sick from something or other, Steve asks me to explain myself when it comes to my pick of the week, it’s like the calendar never flipped over! We might as well be Bill Murray waking up to “I Got You, Babe” for the bajillionth time with the amount we haven’t changed in 2013.

But that’s not all a bad thing! It’s the same quality Digital Strips Podcast (for better or worse) and all your favorite segments are here! What have we been reading? Glad you asked:

  • (6:27) Duk and Run (careful! Google searches for this term can result in unintended Three Doors Down discoveries)
  • (9:01) Greyfriars
And news! We scoured the web for a couple of news bites from over the break:
  • (10:19) The Whole Story is back, this time with a Kickstarter (pay what you want, but more gets you more)
  • (12:31) After ten years, Tom Brazleton has brought Theater Hopper to an end

This episode is bereft with weiner jokes, not terribly different than any episode of DS before it. But with our featured comic in mind, it seemed more appropriate than ever to feature a midshow backing track from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. So, enjoy some bathroom humor while “Innocent Deception” (13:20) by Claire Yaxley and DJ Mystix try to bring some class to this whole thing.

Of course, then we bring it right back down into the muck with our first and filthiest comic review of 2013 …

This gag-a-day, penis joke-infused, pseudo-journal comic has both a trashy and a touching side. And I can almost guarantee that 2013 will only get more interesting from here. We only mentioned one comic by name in our discussion, appropriately one also focused on genitalia:

We don’t get around to much Rambletronning, but we do ask the important questions like, “Who will carry on the Twinkie legacy?” and “Is there a good way to crap your pants?” Enjoy it all on welcome to 2013!


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