Digital Strips Podcast 273 – Horizons Watch – Alpha Flag and Arteest

Free at last, free at last, after weeks of protests and a day of blackouts across the Web, the Internet is free at last! Or at least, until the old, white men work their way out of an election year and try to ruin everyone’s fun again. Until then, though, we are free to go about our business. That business? Comics.

I’m actually able to go toe-to-toe with Steve this week in Whatcha Been Readin’:

News? Yeah, we got some news.

A big thank you to those who called and blacked out and at least temporarily shut down SOPA and PIPA! It’s because of your tireless efforts that we are able to bring you remixes from Overclocked Remix, pieces like the ditty taking us from segment to segment this week, “The Shredder”, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtle in Time, remixed by Sixto Sounds (17:15).

Our Horizons picks this week stick to the mystery genre while also allowing for quite a bit of room to stretch the brain muscles and really make you think about what going on in each story.

  • (19:39) Alpha Flag by Jon Cairns and Renee Keyes
  • (28:07) Arteest by Bill Nichols and Robin Ator

These are two great comics that both deserve your attention and multiple re-readings to soak up all the nuance and detail. We also mention in our discussion:

And that’s it! No Rambletron, on account of my voice being half in the bag when we started recording.


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