Digital Strips Podcast 252 – Review – Turbo Defiant Kimecan (Douches and Crackers)

The Baywatch crewWe’re bringing you a shorter episode this week, either due to laziness or lethargy in the news arena, your pick. With that second segment removed, we’re bringing you a concentrated, laser-focused show full of nothing but webcomics talk. Oh, and also Disney animated features. And Baywatch. I think that’s about it, though. See? Laser-focused.

Apparently next week we’ll be reading a couple of comics and taking them head-to-head, for what purpose I’m not sure. But read Battlepug (8:13) and RatFist (8:50) and come back next week for the brawl to end them all! A couple of other comics mentioned in our opening arguments:

Taking us into our second segment is a tune that’s been on my mind recently, beautiful retooled by OCRemixer, Jonah-B. It’s the title theme to The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, “Dark Shores of Hyrule” (11:18). Figured I’d find something from that game to encourage me to jump back in and finish the recently released 3D remastering on the 3DS. And you should do the same starting August 12, when Nintendo is dropping the price from $250 to $170. Hey, I need more people to StreetPass with, so sue me.

What’s that? Oh. Right. Laser-focused.

Our review segment is full, and I do mean full, with talk about our featured review:

  • Turbo Defiant Kimecan by Ferran Daniel, James Caballero, Salvador Vasquez, Jorge Gonzalez, Luis Silva, Aaron Lenk, Carlos Campillo, and Igor Filjusin (13:29)

This is fairly unapologetic manga, with a few caveats, and pretty entertaining manga at that. This is especially shocking coming from me, a self-professed manga hater, but this is a quality comic in nearly all regards and sucks you in and never lets go. In our discussion, we also mention:

Be sure to drop a comment below, if only to tell us how to pronounce “Kimecan”.


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