Help Name Lucas Turnbloom’s Adorable New Character

Help Lucas Turnbloom name this adorable new characterInvolving the audience in the making of a comic has long been a method of involving them on a more personal level with the stories that they enjoy reading. Scenes From a Multiverse has been doing that since it started, asking the readers to vote on which universe gets a stay of execution and which will float away into the ether, (likely) never to return again.

Well now it’s time to throw on those thinking caps and help Lucas Turnbloom give life to his newest creation, a cute panda bear birthed of the Build-A-Bear Workshop in lieu of main character Clovis’ recent disappearance.

The prize up for grabs is a signed copy of the newest Imagine This collection, “Toys in the Attic”, which debuts at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Get to thinkin’ and get to writin’, the deadline for the contest is midnight next Wednesday. Full contest details can be found in this handy post.


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