Digital Strips Podcast 242 – Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I’ll Maim You Tomorrow (Review – Spacetrawler)

If there is one thing that makes for good broadcasting, it’s heated debate. Disagreements, hotly-contested opinions, fact vs. fiction, this kind of stuff is what we, as primal beings, crave in our entertainment. How else could the reality TV genre survive, nay, flourish, for all these years? Well, we’ve got just that for you in our third (that’s right, third) segment when we review Spacetrawler by Christopher Baldwin.

But first up, there’s news in the second segment!

Ok, so there really is no news to speak of, but we chat briefly about Mortal Kombat (if it’s not spelled with a kapital K, you’re just doing it wrong) in the first segment and then use one news morsel to springboard into a possible topic after the first break, provided by the fine folks at Overclocked Remix.

Are regular, planned breaks in an online-distributed comic cool so long as they come at a natural, bookended stopping point? Or should the online work continue flowing, never ceasing? Let your voices be known, via email, the comments (below), Twitter, or Facebook! We value all thoughts, social media-driven or no. During this discussion, we mention some key players with this thought in mind:

Leading us into the middle of the fracas is a delightful, inappropriately mellow tune from yet another talented artist found at

Alright, here it is, the brawl-to-end-it-all, the knockdown-dragout fight that ensues when two men don’t quite see eye-to-eye on a matter. That matter is the awesomeness that is Spacetrawler. Are its characters underdeveloped and suffering from a lack of investment, as Steve claims? Or are they the best ensemble put together since Danny Ocean first said, “Hey, guys, lets steal something huge to piss off a rich douche who’s doing my wife”, as Jason posits? Regardless, the end result proves we’re both lovers, not fighters (not like that).

Helping us out are a few comics that inspire and influence Spacetrawler, as well as a variety of other works, in various ways:

Join in the conversation and let us know where your allegiance lies! Is Spacetrawler a great comic? Or, is Spacetrawler the greatest comic?


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